I am a big proponent of keeping it real. Life is meant to be lived in and things occasionally get messy. I like to embrace the realness and let the natural wear and tear of life shine through in my work.  I do my best to communicate an all natural aesthetic throughout my photography and design work. 


I'm a West Coaster to the core, raised in rural Eastern Washington but Portland is home. I left my heart in San Francisco (more specifically, Oakland) and I'm currently soaking up the sunny Central California coastline of Santa Barbara. With stunning landscapes, diverse climates, creative and unique folks and a laid back approach, the left coast is a melting pot of constant inspiration and comfort for me.


My professional career has spanned the disciplines of interior design, production design and graphic design but I’ve found that I am most passionate about photography, especially within the culinary arts. I started my recipe blog, as a place to share my love and appetite for food and as a space for the epicurious to mingle. has been the ultimate creative outlet for me, combining some of my personal interests; writing and baking, with many of my professional endeavors; design, photography and marketing. It's a well balanced diet of work and play that flexes my skills and keeps me satisfied.